Rotterdam Skyline

Nultien Kleding (ZeroTen Clothing) is an apparel company operating out of Rotterdam, Netherlands which specializes in goods that reflects city pride. They originally requested a skyline design to be used for 50 special edition “all over” t-shirts. The design was so well received that they went ahead and applied it to store fixtures, shirts, mugs, shopping bags and much more. This skyline drawing is 1 of 4 designs that I created for Nultien which includes the Markthal, the Feyenoord Stadium, and the SS Rotterdam. “010 Isn’t Just A Code!”

Rotterdam Children’s Playmat

City Play specializes in speel kleed or children’s play mats based on cities in the Netherlands. This Rotterdam playmat is 1 of the 4 designs I created for City Play which includes Amsterdam, The Hague, and Zandvoort. The designs called for bright colors, accurate building portrayals, and playabilty. It was fun to recreate these cities with children’s expectations in mind.

Dune Chani Kynes Illustration

The Hero Collection operates out of Dubai and covers all things nerdy from comics, toys, movies, and pop art. I along with pin up artist Jyn Leonard were commissioned to create a limited run print of Chani Kynes to commemorate the release of the movie “Dune” in 2021. Jyn Leonard provided the line art, while I provided the colors.

Socrates Comic Book Cover

Film maker and actor Ken Sagoes had a comic book created base on a script for his new film “Socrates”. The comic is to be used for promotional purposes and to help fund the project. I designed and illustrated the cover which doubled as a promotional poster. It was a joy to be given full freedom to create a special cover for The Sagoes Company.

Green Gingerbread Press Logo

The Pizza Deliveryman’s tale is a horror book authored by actor and writer Ronan Barbour. He requested a logo for his Green Gingerbread Press label which I was happy to design.